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Beetles Butterflies Macro Moths Micro Moths Leaf mines Dragonflies
True Flies etc Grasshoppers etc Bees and Wasps Spiders Harvestmen False Scorpions
Plant Bugs Centipedes & Millipedes Woodlice Birds Mammals .Fungi
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Spiders 166 species available
Ceratinella brevis
Diaea dorsata
Hahnia montana
Lepthyphantes leprosus
Philodromus dispar
Walckenaeria acuminata
Harvestmen 19 species available
Shieldbugs, Plantbugs etc 216 species available
Acalypta parvula
True Flies 227 species available
False Scorpions 7 species available
Chernes cimicoides
Millipedes and Centipedes 43 species available
Leptoiulus belgicus
Lithobius calcaratus
Macrosterodesmus palicola
Melogona scutellaris
Woodlice 16 species available
Haplophthalmus danicus
Porcellio scaber
Trichoniscus provisorius
Trichoniscus pusillus
Butterflies 33 species available
Purple Emperor
Dragonflies 19 species available
Fungi 156 species available
Mammals 9 species available
Birds 132 species available