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Brown Hairstreak Thecla betulae (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Status     There are no historically documented records of this species as ever having occurred in the wild state in Nottinghamshire. There are however, a number of recent records of captivebred stock at several sites around the county. Introductions have certainly been attempted in the Duke's Wood and  Dilliner Wood areas in early 2005 and 11/04/2005, with records referring to eggs. But at least one adult Brown Hairstreak was seen there on 31/08/2005.

We are aware of a potential release of captive stock at woodland in the Southwell area a few years ago, but have no confirmation this ever took place, but Brown Hairstreaks are currently doing well at Cotgrave Forest and just over the county border at Pleasley Pit Top in Derbyshire.

Early stages                            
Ovae/eggs on Blackthorn Prunus spinosa. Photographed at Pleasley Pit Top December 2021.
Half-grown larva. Photographed May 2022.
Full-grown larva. Photographed June 2022.
Pupa in leaf litter. Photographed June 2022.
Nottinghamshire (VC56) distribution of Brown Hairstreak
The records for the Nottinghamshire distribution map are currently provided by the following contributors - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Entomological Society (DANES). Sherwood Forest Invertebrate Directory 2021. Sharon and Rob Thatcher.

You can contribute your own records to help us gain an accurate status of this species in Nottinghamshire. Send an Excel spreadsheet of your records via the 'contact us' link at the top of the homepage.

Updated January 2022

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