www.eakringbirds.com updates 2019
This page provides details of all latest updates, to make regular visitors aware of any recent changes. Many pages are frequently updated, have photographs added and sometimes additional information is incorporated into existing pages of text.

See our photo gallery pages for all the latest species photograph additions, as only species illustrated on www.eakringbirds.com for the first time are listed here.

Latest page uploads, new pages and pdf publications
All 2019 uploads   Date   Latest updates/additions etc
(Nuroptera) Wesmaelius subnebulosus   22/04/19   New species page
(Lepidoptera) Blossom Underwing   22/04/19   New species page
(Coleoptera) Omosita discoidea   21/04/19   New species page
(Nuroptera) Micromus variegatus   21/04/19   New species page
(Lepidoptera) Adela cuprella   20/04/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Berytinus minor   16/04/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Acericerus vittifrons   16/04/19   New species page
(Lepidoptera) Great Prominent   11/04/19   New species page
(Arachnida) Ero cambridgei   10/04/19   New species page
(Diptera) Linnaemya picta   10/04/19   New species page
(Diptera) Tipula scripta   06/04/19   New species page
(Hymenoptera) Andrena praecox   05/04/19   New species page
(Orthoptera) Jamaican Field Cricket   04/04/19   New species page
(Orthoptera) House Cricket   04/04/19   New species page
Crickets and Grasshoppers   04/04/19   Addition of House Cricket and Jamaican Field Cricket images
(Diptera) Leucophora obtusa 03/04/19 New species page
(Hymenoptera) Andrena flavipes   03/04/19   New species page
(Nuroptera) Hemerobius stigma   01/04/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Nysius huttoni   30/03/19   New species page
(Lepidoptera) Cream-spot Tiger   30/03/19   New species page
(Arachnida) Pardosa prativaga   22/03/19   New species page
(Nuroptera) Chrysoperla carnea   21/03/19   New species page
Nottinghamshire Shieldbugs   05/02/19   Addition of species list
Nottinghamshire Lacebugs   04/02/19   Updated with the addition of Agramma laetum record and map
(Lepidoptera) Agonopterix scopariella   03/02/19   New species page
(Diptera) Tephritis hyoscyami   31/01/19   New species page
Coleophoridae Case Bearers   30/01/19   Additions to the species list
Agonopterix moths in Nottinghamshire   30/01/19   Some text updated with addition of some recent records
Nottinghamshire Moth List 2019   29/01/19   New pdf file
(Hemiptera) Eupteryx thoulessi   29/01/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Issus coleoptratus   28/01/19   New species page
(Nuroptera) Sisyra nigra   28/01/19   New species page
Neuroptera - The Lacewing fauna of Nottinghamshire   28/01/19   Page updated
Nottinghamshire Moth List 2019 (Excel spreadsheet)   28/01/19   Excel file updated with the addition of 30 species.
Migrant moths in Nottinghamshire   27/01/19   Page updated with additional new species records
(Lepidoptera) Camberwell Beauty   26/01/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Acericerus heydenii   23/01/19   New species page
(Hemiptera) Ribautiana tenerrima   23/01/19   New species page
The Ants of Nottinghamshire   09/01/19   Page updated with removal of Formica lugubris
(Coleoptera) Rhyzobius lophanthae   09/01/19   New species page
An Atlas of Nottinghamshire Ladybirds   09/01/19   Page updated with addition of Rhyzobius lophanthae
Cerambycidae Longhorn Beetles   08/01/19   Addition of Pogonocherus hispdus photograph
Current status and distribution of Nottinghamshire Cerambycidae   08/01/19   Page updated with latest distribution maps and additional text
Salticidae - Jumping Spiders in Nottinghamshire   08/01/19   Distribution maps updated
(Coleoptera) Pogonocherus hispidus   08/01/19   New species page
2019 Glow Worm sightings   07/01/19   New page
The Nottinghamshire Glow Worm Survey   07/01/19   Page updated with all 2018 records
2018 Glow Worm sightings   07/01/19   Page updated
Nottinghamshire Moth Summary 2018   07/01/19   New page with additional records from 2018
Cardinal Beetles in Nottinghamshire   05/01/19   Distribution maps updated
The Alder Leaf Beetle in Nottinghamshire   05/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Nottinghamshire Lacebugs   05/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Damsel Bugs   05/01/19   Distribution maps updated
An Atlas of Nottinghamshire Ladybirds   04/01/19   Distribution maps updated
2019 light-trapping results   03/01/19   New page
Ctenophora, Tanyptera and Dictenidia Craneflies   02/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Volucella Hoverflies in Nottinghamshire   02/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Twelve common spiders of urban Nottinghamshire   02/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Nottinghamshire Moth Records 2019   01/01/19   New page
The Leafhopper Ledra aurita in Nottinghamshire   01/01/19   Distribution maps updated
Invertebrate news 2019   01/01/19   New page
The False Scorpions of Nottinghamshire   01/01/19   Page updated with the county's 2018 records
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