www.eakringbirds.com updates 2017
This page provides details of all latest updates, to make regular visitors aware of any recent changes. Many pages are frequently updated, have photographs added and sometimes additional information is incorporated into existing pages of text.

See our photo gallery pages for all the latest species photograph additions, as only species illustrated on www.eakringbirds.com for the first time are listed here.

Selected page uploads, new pages and pdf publications
All 2017 uploads   Date   Latest updates/additions etc
Empis stercorea   25/05/17   New species page
Ceutorhynchus constrictus   22/05/17   New species page
Empis digramma   22/05/17   New species page
Bellardia viarum   20/05/17   New species page
Dilophus femoratus   20/05/17   New species page
Notaris acridulus   13/05/17   New species page
Ischnopterapion virens   13/05/17   New species page
Hilara maura   11/05/17   New species page
Hydrotaea dentipes   11/05/17   New species page
Bibio leucopterus   11/05/17   New species page
Dilophus febrilis   09/05/17   New species page
Pipiza noctiluca   08/05/17   New species page
Microplontus campestris   08/05/17   New species page
Xysticus ulmi   05/05/17   New species page
Bibio varipes   04/05/17   New species page
Fannia lustrator   04/05/17   New species page
Bibio nigriventris   03/05/17   New species page
Phaonia trimaculata   01/05/17   New species page
Pelenomus comari   25/04/17   New species page
Mastigusa macrophthalma   24/04/17   New species page
Nomada flavoguttata   22/04/17   New species page
Pegomya bicolor   22/04/17   New species page
Andrena scotica   21/04/17   New species page
Lucilia sericata   21/04/17   New species page
Perapion curtirostre   21/04/17   New species page
Ptinus fur   20/04/17   New species page
Norellisoma spinimanum   20/04/17   New species page
Conopidae - Thick Headed Flies   20/04/17   Page updated with new text and distribution maps
Myopa testacea   18/04/17   New species page
Agnocoris reclairei   16/04/17   New species page
Neomyia viridescens   14/04/17   New species page
Delia radicum   14/04/17   New species page
Brachicoma devia   14/04/17   New species page
Quedius fuliginosus   06/04/17   New species page
Tasgius morsitans   06/04/17   New species page
Tasgius ater   06/04/17   New species page
Ocys quinquestriatus   04/04/17   New species page
Haplophthalmus danicus   02/04/17   New species page
Scathophaga inquinata   31/03/17   New species page
Gymnocheta viridis - an early Spring Tachinid   30/03/17   New page
Carabus granulatus   24/03/17   New species page
Nottinghamshire Moth List 2016   22/03/17   Updated pdf file
Notaris scirpi   17/03/17   New species page
Platycheirus manicatus   14/03/17   New species page
Xantholinus longiventris   13/03/17   New species page
Agonopterix moths in Nottinghamshire   10/03/17   New page
Common and Lesser Earwigs in Nottinghamshire   08/03/17   New page
Stenus juno   05/03/17   New page
Dicyphus pallicornis   05/03/17   New page
Raphidiidae - the Snake Flies of Nottinghamshire   03/03/17   New page
Panorpa germanica   02/03/17   New species page
Identification help for Water Carpet and Small Phoenix   27/02/17   New page
Identification help for Garden and Common Carpets   27/02/17   New page
A modern Atlas of Nottinghamshire Millipedes   26/02/17   Page updated with addition of two new species maps and text
The Centipedes and Millipedes of Nottinghamshire   25/02/17   Page updated with latest Millipede species list for Nottinghamshire
Melogona scutellaris   25/02/17   New species page
Two late season Mirid Bugs   25/02/17   New page
Recent records of Leiobunum sp. A from Worksop Priory   24/02/17   New page
The discovery of Leiobunum sp. A at Worksop in 2009   24/02/17   Page updated
Corizus hyoscyami in Nottinghamshire   23/02/17   Page updated with latest distribution map and updated records
Semioscopis avellanella and S. steinkellneriana identification   21/02/17   New page
Diurnea fagella - a common identification puzzle   21/02/17   New page
A modern Atlas of Nottinghamshire Millipedes   19/02/17   Species accounts updated
Aphanus rolandri   18/02/17   New species page
Nottinghamshire distribution maps   14/02/17   Maps updated to end of 2016. (not including maps for Lepidoptera)
The Woodlice of Nottinghamshire   04/02/17   Addition of Trichoniscoides albidus photographs
Trichoniscoides albidus   04/02/17   New species page
Polydesmus coriaceus   04/02/17   New species page
The False Scorpions of Nottinghamshire   20/01/17   Addition of latest Pseudoscorpion records
2016 Glow Worms - a detailed summary   08/01/17   New page
Nottinghamshire Moth Summary 2016   02/01/17   New page
Clipstone Old Quarter female Glow Worm data 2017   01/01/17   New page
2017 Glow Worm sightings   01/01/17   New page
2017 light-trapping results   01/01/17   New page
Nottinghamshire Moth Records 2017   01/01/17   New page
Invertebrate news 2017   01/01/17   New page