Light-trapping details and summaries
Idle Valley NR results January-May 2019
All light-trapping carried out with 2x 125W Robinson MV lights and/or a single 6W Heath Actinic trap
Species listed in dark grey refer to migrants
Date: January 15th 2019
Site: Idle Valley NR
Recorders: Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt and Melanie Newman
Weather conditions: Largely overcast and fairly mild, but felt slightly cooler.
Trapping time: 19:45h - 21:30h
Temperature: 7C
Additional notes: Early Moth netted and potted for identification purposes on the footpath to the viewing screen at Bellmoor Lake. This is the first record of this species at the IVNR since 1995.
70.255 ... 1934 ... Agriopis marginaria Dotted Border 1
70.282 ... 1960 ... Theria primaria Early Moth 1