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Numerous available pages covering a variety of topics. Most are ornithologically related, but there are also pages covering our media appearences, macro photography with a Nixon Coolpix 4500, a list of current county recorders (invertebrates only) the Brown Hare at Eakring and many other odd topics and assorted pages.
Assorted Pages
Bird watching the area An introduction to the annual bird watching routine
Birding memories My top 10 memories from 12 years of Nottinghamshire birdwatching
Brown Hare A look at the status of the Brown Hare population
Car Parking Car parking directions for Eakring Flash and Eakring Meadows
Chat occurrences Regularly updated summary of Chat records from the area
Chiffchaff territories A look at the territorial duration of Spring Chiffchaff males
Colour-ringed bird records Tracing the origin of a Lesser Black-backed Gull at Eakring in 2002
Contributors Outside contributors to
County recorders A current list of county recorders for Nottinghamshire's invertebrates
Digiscoping The move into Digital photography
Dilys Pendleton - An obituary A personal tribute to the better half of the partnership behind
Downloads Available files to download as Adobe pdf. files
Gull records at Eakring and Kersall 1998-2007 A look at the area's gull records between 1998 and 2007
Macro photography with the Nikon Coolpix 4500 Some useful macro photography techniques
Mammals at Eakring and Kersall Species list and status of the area's mammals
Merlin records at Eakring 1998-2007 The recent increase in records of the Merlin at Eakring
Nest box schemes to help vanishing species Nest box schemes to help Barn Owl and Tree Sparrow
New Users An introduction to
Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers Who's who An introduction to Trevor Pendleton, author of Eakring
Nottinghamshire Maps Growing list of contributors to the distribution maps on
Oil-drilling threat to wildlife How the threat of oil-drilling in the area, is likely to affect the wildlife
Orchids Orchids at Eakring and Kersall
Quail influx 2001 The area experienced an incredible influx of Quail in 2001
Reed Warbler breeds for first time A look at previous Reed Warbler records and breeding in 2005
Ring Ouzel occurrences A look at the area's Ring Ouzel records
SSSI site under threat Highlighting the threat to another local SSSI site
Possible rubicola Stonechat at Eakring Flash Description and photographs
Terms and conditions Further publication of material within
Unusual Common Sandpiper at Eakring Flash The ID debate regarding of an unusual plumaged Common Sandpiper
Water Voles at Eakring A guide on where to see Water Voles in the area
White Wagtail records A look at the occurrences of the White Wagtail here from 1998-2007
Wind Farm proposal The threat to local wildlife from a proposed development
Single species' surveys and status updates
Corn Bunting at Eakring 1998-2007 Corn Bunting records at Eakring 1998-2007
Cuckoo at Eakring 1998-2007 A ten year history of the decline of the Cuckoo at Eakring and Kersall
Grey Partridge numbers rise 1998-2003 A look at how breeding Grey Partridges increased during 2003
House Sparrow at Eakring 1998-2007 The current status of the House Sparrow at Eakring
Lapwing at Eakring 1998-2007 Variation in breeding numbers of Lapwing at Eakring
Sky Lark numbers 1998-2005 Another farmland species increasing in the area during 2005
Song Thrush increase in 2005 The continued spread of the Song Thrush through the area
Tree Sparrow increase in 2003 Recent increase in Tree Sparrow numbers
Turtle Dove at Eakring 1998-2007 The changing status of this migrant at Eakring
Rarity accounts
Montagu's Harrier 2005 ...................................... Account of the male Montagu's Harrier over Eakring Flash in May 2005
Leach's Storm-petrel 2003 Account of the Leach's Storm-petrel of October 5th 2003
Arctic Skua 2003 Account and circumstances of the Arctic Skua at Eakring Flash in 2003
Spotted Crake 2001 Account of the Spotted Crake at Eakring Flash in 2001
Firecrest 2001 Eakring Flash briefly hosted a singing male in May 2001
Common Crane 2000 The fly-over Common Crane record from March 2000
Richard's Pipit 1998 Brief account of the fly-over record from September 20th 1998
Media appearences
BBC film crew visit Sherwood Forest NNR Photographs of our filming for BBC1's The ONE Show
BBC Radio Nottingham interview Photographs of our chat about Glow Worms on BBC local radio
BBC Radio 4 Open Country Photographs of our recording an item on Radio 4's Open Country