Welcome to www.eakringbirds.com
Now in its 21st year, www.eakringbirds.com is written, illustrated and maintained by Trevor and Dilys Pendleton, based in the heart of Sherwood Forest, at Market Warsop in Nottinghamshire.

The website continues to be a comprehensive online natural history resource for Nottinghamshire, which despite the ornithological aspect to the name, now specifically targets invertebrates.

Frequently updated with new pages, text, photographs and distribution maps covering well over 2,500 species, we have several regular photographic contributors, who kindly continue to provide us with their photographs. These help us to illustrate the range of invertebrates Nottinghamshire supports.

We are also helped by the growing number of invertebrate records we receive annually, from a range of individuals and societies (both local and national), who recognise that we are trying to provide a free, online resource available to all interested.

Raising the profile of invertebrates

One of our key aims, has always been to create and maintain a greater awareness of Nottinghamshire's invertebrates. In the process, we have become well known throughout the UK and Europe, for our work on the Hazel Pot Beetle and the Glow Worm.

Invertebrates continue to be neglected when town planners deliberate over proposals for potential devleopments, while conservation organisations are slowly starting to consider the potential impact their site management has on our invertebrate fauna. So we strongly believe that it is important we continue to raise the profile of invertebrates in Nottinghamshire.

Early learning section

A large part of what we do, is geared towards education for all ages and creating an awareness of the wide range of invertebrates Nottinghamshire has to offer. We are especially keen to encourage this awareness from an early age, so have a large selection of free to download fact sheets and fun puzzles for children on the website.

Trevor and Dilys Pendleton... January 2018