Welcome to www.eakringbirds.com
Now in its 18th year, www.eakringbirds.com is written, illustrated and maintained by Trevor and Dilys Pendleton, based at Market Warsop, in the heart of Nottinghamshire's world famous Sherwood Forest.

www.eakringbirds.com remains Nottinghamshire's most comprehensive on-line natural history resource, which despite the name, is now specifically aimed at invertebrates. The website is frequently updated with new text, photographs and distribution maps, covering well over 2,500 species of invertebrate found within the county. We also have several regular contributors who very kindly allow us to use their photographs.

Raising the profile of invertebrates

One of our key aims has been to create a much greater awareness of Nottinghamshire's invertebrates and we have become increasingly well known throughout the UK and Europe, for our studies of the Hazel Pot Beetle (Cryptocephalus coryli) and the Glow Worm (Lampyris noctiluca).

Invertebrates continue to be neglected when town planners deliberate proposals for potential site devleopment. Likewise, most conservation organisations are only now, just starting to consider the potential impact their site management and today's increasing urban development has on our invertebrate fauna. So it is important that we continue to raise the profile of invertebrates.

Early learning section

A large part of what we do, is education and creating awareness of the wide range of invertebrates Nottinghamshire has to offer. We are especially keen to encourage this awareness from an early age, so have a large selection of free to download fact sheets and fun puzzles for children on the website.

www.eakringbirds.com on facebook

In 2011 eakringbirds.com joined facebook. Our facebook page is an informal way of keeping up to date with latest sightings and records, maybe join in on the current topics of conversation, or just find out what we are up to.

Trevor and Dilys Pendleton... July 2016