Car parking details for Eakring Flash and Eakring Meadows
Map 1.... Eakring village and Eakring Flash area

  Key points/sites

A Eakring Flash - Area's largest body of water, with surrounding Sallow and Willow scrub, rank vegetation. Increasing amounts of Bulrush.

B The Pastures - Series of grazed pastures, divided by annually maintained hedgerows.

C High Trees - Small Dumble, with variety of trees.

D Oil Bore Holes - Privately owned area of scrub (some dense) with wide variety of flora including Bee Orchids

E Horse paddocks - Permanently grazed area of short grassland sown in 2003.

Car parking and access

Eakring Flash is situated at SK 675627, just north of Eakring village. Limited off-road parking spaces only. Viewing is only available from the Public footpath which runs alongside The Beck up the western side of Eakring Flash. Eakring is best reached via the A614 heading north from Nottingham or west along the A616 from Newark.

Parking difficulties and tresspassing by visiting birders have been experienced here in the past. Please follow available guidelines if visiting the area. Park in a safe position off the road as much as possible, remembering not to block any gateways or other field access points. Allow plenty of room for farm machinery to pass and keep to public footpaths at all times.
Map 2.... Eakring Meadows and Hare Hill Wood area

  Key points/sites

A Penny Pasture Common - Acid grassland with limited flora and scattered Hawthorn scrub. Forms part of the Eakring Meadows NR.

B Eakring Meadows Nature Reserve - Series of ancient meadows with wide variety of flora

C Hare Hill Wood - Broad-leaved woodland, split into two sections.

Car parking and access

Penny Pasture Common (part of the Eakring Meadows Nature Reserve) is situated two thirds of the way between Eakring and Kersall villages.

Access from Nottingham or Mansfield, is by the A614, taking the Eakring turn-off, driving for 2 miles through the village and then continuing for a further 1.5 miles past Tug Bridge Farm, parking sensibly on available roadside verges around Eakring Field Farm.

Access from Newark, is by taking the A617 towards Ollerton, turning left and through Kersall village, down to the minor road junction. Turn right here and Eakring Meadows Nature Reserve begins on the right hand side of the road after some 300 yards.

Park on the left hand verge and walk to view. Please park carefully, remembering not to block any gateways or other field access points. This stretch of road is frequently used by large HGV vehicles.

There are plenty of viewing opportunities available at the roadside. Direct access to the main reserve is for Notts Wildlife Trust members only, but a public footpath does allow access to Penny Pasture Common.