Nottinghamshire Invertebrates
  Insect identification pages
Approximately 50 pages available, aimed at providing direct identification help between similar, or difficult to separate species, plus photographic comparison of particular invertebrate families. Some of these pages have been written following specific requests, after visitors to failed to find any easy comparison resources in books or on the internet at the time.
Beetle identification guides
Aphodius Dung Beetles   Nottinghamshire's Dung beetles
Cantharidae Soldier Beetles   Nottinghamshire's Soldier beetles
Cardinal Beetles in Nottinghamshire   Identifying Nottinghamshire's two bright red Cardinal Beetles
Cerambycidae Longhorn Beetles . Longhorn beetles of Nottinghamshire
Chrysolina Leaf Beetles   Nottinghamshire's Chrysolina leaf beetles
Cryptocephalus Leaf Beetles   Nottinghamshire's Cryptocephalus beetles
Elateridae Click Beetles   Nottinghamshire's Click beetles
Identification of the Harlequin Ladybird   Separating the Harlequin Ladybird from other UK Ladybirds
Nottinghamshire Ladybirds   Nottinghamshire's Ladybirds
Phyllobius Weevils   Nottinghamshire's Phyllobius Weevils
True Fly identification guides
Volucella Hoverflies in Nottinghamshire   The Volucella Hoverflies in Nottinghamshire
Conopidae - Thick Headed Flies   Photographic guide to this unusual group of flies
Ctenophora, Tanyptera and Dictenidia Craneflies   The Ctenophora, Tanyptera and Dictenidia Craneflies of Sherwood Forest
Moth identification guides
Agonopterix moths in Nottinghamshire   Nottinghamshire species, their range and some ID pointers
Coleophoridae Case Bearers   Coleophoridae larvae cases
Crambinae moths in Nottinghamshire   ID help for Nottinghamshire's Grass Veneer moths
Eilema Footman moths in Nottinghamshire   ID help for Nottinghamshire's five Eilema Footman moths
Eriocrania Leaf-mines   ID help for Nottinghamshire's seven Eriocrania moths
Identification help for Garden and Common Carpets   Identification help for two commonly occurring moths
Identification help for Water Carpet and Small Phoenix   ID help for two common Spring moths
Identifying Mottled and Willow Beauty   ID help for identifying Mottled Beauty and Willow Beauty
Identifying Riband Wave and Plain Wave   ID help separating Riband Wave and Plain Wave
Identifying Single-dotted and Small Fan-footed Wave   ID help for two commonly recorded moths
Nottinghamshire Hawk-moths   ID help and general information about some of our largest moths
Orthosia (Quaker) moth identification   ID help for seven early Spring moths
Plume moths in Nottinghamshire   The Plume moths of Nottinghamshire
Psychidae Moths   Guide to some of the most unusual moths and their larvae
Pug Moths   Nottinghamshire's Pug Moths
Sallow Moth identification   Identifying four colourful Autumn moths
Semioscopis avellanella and S. steinkellneriana identification   The separation of two similar early Spring moths
Separating Great Oak Beauty and Pale Oak Beauty   ID help in separating Great Oak Beauty and Pale Oak Beauty
Seven difficult Nottinghamshire Scopariinae   Photographic guide to the difficult Scopariinae micromoths
Spruce, Grey Pine, Pine and Juniper Carpet ID   ID help for four difficult moths
Yellow Underwing Moth ID   Nottinghamshire's Yellow Underwing Moths
Ant, Bee and Wasp identification guides
Bumblebees   Nottinghamshire's Bumble bees
Identification of Nottinghamshire's Social Wasps   Photographic guide to Nottinghamshire's Social Wasps
Wasps   Nottinghamshire's Wasps
Spider and Harvestman identification guides
Araniella curcurbitina and A. opisthographa   Separation of two visually identical spiders
Harvestmen   Nottinghamshire's Harvestmen
Identification of the three large orb-weavers   Identifying Nottinghamshire's commonest large orb-weaving spiders
Identifying the Noble False Widow   Help to determine Steatoda nobilis from other common spiders
Salticidae - Jumping Spiders in Nottinghamshire   Nottinghamshire's most charismatic spiders
Other insect identification guides
The Woodlice of Nottinghamshire   A guide to Nottinghamshire's Woodlice
Crickets and Grasshoppers   Nottinghamshire's Crickets and Grasshoppers
Damsel Bugs   Nottinghamshire's Damsel Bugs
Two late season Mirid Bugs   ID help for Pantilius tunicatus and Megacoelum infusum
Nottinghamshire Squashbugs   Guide to the five known Squashbugs (Coreidae) of Nottinghamshire
Nottinghamshire Shieldbugs   Nottinghamshire's Shieldbugs, including links to nymph stages
Nottinghamshire Lacebugs   The Lacebugs of Nottinghamshire
Common and Lesser Earwigs in Nottinghamshire   Nottinghamshire's only two representatives of the order Dermaptera