Access pages featuring species accounts for several of the county's rarer butterflies, plus read our historical review and atlas of Nottinghamshire butterflies, which is the first such review for many years. There are several pages particularly devoted to migrant butterflies, including details of the massive Painted Lady influx of late May 2009 and six years prior to that in August 2003.
Species accounts/guides
Nottinghamshire Butterflies A review and modern atlas of Nottinghamshire Butterflies
Sherwood's Purple disaster How recording work revealed a huge egg failure for the Purple Emperor in 2022
The origins of the Purple Emperor in Nottinghamshire A look at the historical and most recent records of this beautiful butterfly
Dingy and Grizzled Skippers in Nottinghamshire A recent history of both Dingy and Grizzled Skipper in Nottinghamshire
The Green Hairstreak in Nottinghamshire The history and recent records of this Nottinghamshire butterfly
Some recent Nottinghamshire records of the Wall Brown The latest on this once common Nottinghamshire butterfly
The silent disappearance of the Wall (and Brown) How a once common butterfly has disappeared without notice
The White Admiral in Nottinghamshire Where and when to see this Nottinghamshire rarity
The Marbled White in Nottinghamshire Where and when to see the Marbled White in Nottinghamshire
The Essex Skipper at Eakring The discovery of the Essex Skipper at Eakring in 2003
White-letter Hairstreak The White-letter Hairstreak at Eakring
Population crash of the Small Skipper The population crash of the Small Skipper at Eakring in 1999
Brown Argus at Eakring and Kersall The discovery and colonisation of the Brown Argus at Eakring
Migrant butterfly records at Eakring 1998 - 2010 A summary of the migrant butterfly records from Eakring
Recording the visible migration of Butterflies Observing migrant Red Admiral and Painted Lady Butterflies
The Purple Hairstreak The discovery of this new species for Eakring in July 2003
Eakring butterfly list The butterflies recorded from the Eakring and Kersall area
Eakring Butterfly records 2002-2010 Notes and first dates for Eakring butterflies
Assorted butterfly pages
Painted Lady migration in Spring 2009 The huge Painted Lady migration through Eakring in 2009
Painted Lady migration in Autumn 2003 Account of the large-scale butterfly movements during August 2003
The Butterflies of Eakring The butterflies recorded from the Eakring and Kersall area
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