We have an increasing number of pages devoted to several single species accounts, with up to date distribution maps. There's the latest atlas of Nottinghamshire Shieldbugs and pages featuring other Heteroptera families such as Lacebugs, Sqaushbugs and Damselbugs.
Species accounts/guides
Budby's Assassin Bug mystery finally solved The discovery and confirmation of Coranus aethiops on Budby South Forest
Recent invertebrate arrivals and colonisers No 1 (larger bugs) Arrivals and range expansion of some selected Nottinghamshire Bugs
Two late season Mirid Bugs ID help for Pantilius tunicatus and Megacoelum infusum
Nottinghamshire Squashbugs Guide to the five known Squashbugs (Coreidae) of Nottinghamshire
The Western Conifer Seed Bug in Nottinghamshire A round up of Nottinghamshire's records of this large Squashbug
Nottinghamshire Lacebugs The Lacebugs of Nottinghamshire
An Atlas of Nottinghamshire Shieldbugs The current status and distribution of the county's Shieldbugs
Nottinghamshire Shieldbugs Nottinghamshire's Shieldbugs, including nymph stages
Damsel Bugs Nottinghamshire's Damsel Bugs
Corizus hyoscyami in Nottinghamshire The arrival of Corizus hyoscyami in Nottinghamshire
The Common Froghopper Identification help for Philaenus spumarius and related species
The Rhododendron Leafhopper in Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire records of the Rhododendron Leafhopper
The Leafhopper Ledra aurita in Nottinghamshire Where and when to look for one of the county's most interesting insects
Parasitic Wasp from Shieldbug ovae A surprise emergence from Picromerus bidens eggs
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Sherwood Forest Hemiptera species list and records 2020
Sherwood Forest Hemiptera 2014
Sherwood Forest Hemiptera 2013
Sherwood Forest Hemiptera 2012
Sherwood Forest Hemiptera 2011