Species accounts/guides
Twelve common spiders of urban Nottinghamshire Our guide to the twelve commonest spiders of house and garden
Steatoda bipunctata - The Rabbit Hutch Spider A totally harmless 'False Widow' of house and home
The arrival of Steatoda nobilis in Nottinghamshire The arrival of the notorious Noble False Widow in Nottinghamshire
Identifying the Noble False Widow Help to determine Steatoda nobilis from other common spiders
Nigma walckenaeri - A new Nottinghamshire spider Where and when to look for this rapidly increasing spider
Zora silvestris at Sherwood Forest NNR One of the UK's rarest spiders and its Sherwood NNR records
Identification of the three large orb-weavers Identifying Nottinghamshire's commonest large orb-weaving spiders
Araniella cucurbitina and A. opisthographa Separation of two visually identical spiders
Meta bourneti and Meta menardi - Nottinghamshire's Cave Spiders Two of the county's largest spiders
Salticidae - Jumping Spiders in Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire's most charismatic spiders
Zygiella x-notata - the Winter Spider One of our most hardiest spiders
Recent records of Leiobunum sp. A from Worksop Priory Survey results of Leiobunum sp. A at Worksop since 2012
The discovery of Leiobunum sp. A at Worksop in 2009 The first UK record of Leiobunum sp. A in 2009 and rediscovery in 2012
Harvestmen in Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire's Harvestmen
The Harvestmen of Worksop in October 2012 Results and observations of a short Harvestmen survey in 2012
The False Scorpions of Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire's False Scorpions and county records
pdf publications
A working checklist of Nottinghamshire Spiders
A modern Atlas of Nottinghamshire Harvestmen
A history and modern Atlas of Pseudoscorpions in Nottinghamshire (VC56)