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Dotted Chestnut and White-marked in Nottinghamshire again

Martin Gray added Dotted Chestnut Conistra rubiginea ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775) to his increasing Broadholme garden list recently, when two individuals were trapped overnight on March 24th 2022 and there's news of another at Eaton Wood near Retford two days prior.
Dotted Chestnut remains very rare in Nottinghamshire, with just a single modern record of one to Steve Mather's Stanton-on-the-Wolds garden Blacklight on November 3rd 2019.  But one trapped at Eaton Wood near Retford by Colin Watkin on March 22/03/22 and the two trapped in Martin's Broadholme garden  on 24/03/22, are strong evidence that this moth is now increasing both here in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere in the UK. It looks likely that this species is set to become more regular in the next few years? 

And there is another Spring moth that is either increasing or having a relatively successful time and that is White-marked
Cerastis leucographa ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775). On the same night as his Dotted Chestnut, Colin Watkin also trapped a White-marked at Eaton Wood, which is the first in the county since Colin recorded one in his garden at Rampton on 05/04/19.
Pheremone lure changes the known distribution of the Tortrix Pammene giganteana in Nottinghamshire

Since 2011, this early flying Tortix was known from just a single county record, of one attracted to light from the Sherwood Forest CP in 2011.
Despite numerous other trapping sessions in the Sherwood Forest area, Pammene giganteana (Peyerimhoff, 1863) was never recorded again and its status as a real  Nottinghamshire rarity seemed set. However, the use of several pheremone lures (namely the SUS and SKI lures) have showed this moth to be widespread and common. 2022 records have all been to pheremone lure, but the pale hind wings make it quite obvious when seen in flight.

Pammene giganteana being recorded by Samantha Batty at Sherwood Forest CP in early March and my own work with the SKI lure, found the moth found present throughout the Country Park and Clipstone Old Quarter areas and at sites as far apart as Spalford Warren, Lound Wood (Eakring), Peafield Lane (Mansfield Woodhouse), Theives Wood and Harlow Wood south of Mansfield. Male moths react very quickly to the SKI lure, usually appearing within one or two minutes.
  Coleophora artemisicolella - second Nottinghamshire record and a new moth for the Sherwood Forest NNR

It's taken nearly a decade to find another, but larval cases of Coleophora artemisicolella (Braund, 1855) were recorded from Clipstone Old Quarter in February 2022. Not only is the record the second for Nottinghamshire, but the first for the Sherwood Forest NNR.  
Coleophora artemisicolella is probably widespread over much of Nottinghamshire, being found where the larval foodplant Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris is found. Yet it seems there are still just two county records following the first for Nottinghamshire being found at Church Warsop in October 2013.

The larval case (made from an empty seedhead) is certainly one of the most difficult of all the
Coleophora cases to locate.
New to Nottinghamshire, those moths recorded new to VC56 in 2021

2021 ended up being quite an exceptional year for additions to the county moth list, which includes the following list of species. There were probably eleven micro moths and two macro moths recorded new, with the county micro moth recorder believing that Micropterix aureatella is new, although there is a record listed somewhere.  
The following list of moths were recorded for the first time in Nottinghamshire. Apologies, if any others that may have occurred are not listed below.
1.003 Micropterix aureatella
4.012 Stigmella aceris
Psychidae: 11.007 Bankesia conspurcatella (Cadman, P.) 
Tineidae: 12.031 Tinea columbariella
Caloptilia cuculipennella
and 15.0931 Phyllocnistis citrella
Cosmopterigidae: 34.005 Cosmopterix zieglerellana
Pterophoridae: Hellinsia lienigianus Mugwort Plume (Coombes, P.)
43.343 Cydia amplana (Gray, M.), 49.346 Grapholita lobarzewskii (Beeley, G.) and 49.364 Pammene suspectana (Batty, S.)
Geometridae: 70.145 Pasiphila debiliata Bilberry Pug
72.060 Hypenodes humidalis Marsh Oblique-barred
First Nottinghamshire record of Small Brindled Beauty for over a decade 

On a mild February 2nd, I ran a 125W MV light for nearly two hours at the Sherwood Forest Counry Park.

Among the typically expected species, was a Small Brindled Beauty Apocheima hispidaria ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775) which not only represented a new (and rare) species personally, but was also the first for the county since a record from 2010, which doesn't seem to have ever made it to the county recorder.
Small Brindled Beauty is rare in Nottinghamshire, where it is restricted to the Buck Gates/Country Park area of the Sherwood Forest NNR. There have been four post-2000 records - from 2002 (Wright, S. and Osbourne, J.), 2004 (Wright, S. and Osbourne, J.), 2005 (Wright, S. Osbourne, J. Fox, D. and Saunders, P.) and what seems to be an unsubmitted record from 2010 (Dawson, M. and Beasley, N.).