25 years - the changing face of eakringbirds.com
2022 marks the silver anniversary of eakringbirds.com, a website which has remained online for 25 years since it's first appearance back in 1997. And how times (and especially web pages) have changed since then. In 1997, and for many years afterwards, this website was solely given over to the birds of the Eakring and Kersall area of Nottinghamshire ..... hence the name.

But eventually, interests change and over time and the recording of butterflies, moths and dragonflies began to increase and ultimately take over. But the changes in interests didn't end there and a gradual move away from Eakring to record took place, before Dilys and I stopped visiting Eakring sometime around 2012.
Our local patch became Nottinghamshire, but especially the Sherwood Forest area and the diversity of our interests started to encompass most other invertebrate orders, including those neglected by Nottinghamshire naturalists and entomologists for decades and sometimes longer. Of course over that time the website changed and developed, but the name changed very little, only the '.co.uk' to '.com' as we always thought it too late to rebrand, especially as the website was now known both UK and worldwide for its coverage and photography given to Nottinghamshire's invertebrate fauna. And although Dilys is no longer with us, I'm still proud to say on behalf of us both, that even after 25 years it still is.
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