www.eakringbirds.com and the National Biodiversity Network
As the direct result of contributing over 63,600 invertebrate records to the NBN Atlas, through the Nottingham Biological and Geological Records Centre at Wollaton Hall, we were invited to become members of the National Biodiversity Network in June 2018.

As the driving force of eakringbirds.com has gradually become directed at creating and promoting a much greater awareness of the county's invertebrate fauna, and to provide the county's naturalists with a useful internet resource, we of course jumped at the chance.

NBN Atlas over iRECORD

With the general lack of easily accessible information, we have relied heavily on the NBN Atlas to provide information on the status of a wide range of species' in Nottinghamshire, including any previous records, or correct nomenclature etc. We've never sent any records in to iRECORD and have never felt the need to. Ensuring our records were distributed and made available locally first, has always been priority.

This has purely been a matter of personal choice and for no other reason, as after spending a huge amount of time tracing records of Nottinghamshire invertebrates in the past, it became clear that an enormous amount of people's records, seem never to have made it onto the NBN Atlas.

But every single one of our records is. We have always sent our records directly to the relevant county recorder, then sent copies to our local Biological and Geological Records Center at Wollaton Hall, which they upload to the NBN Atlas. That way, we know that our records are then viewable to all.

About the NBN Atlas

The NBN Atlas is a free online tool that provides a platform to engage, educate and inform people about the natural world. It helps to improve biodiversity knowledge, open up research possibilities and change the way environmental management is carried out in the UK.

The NBN Atlas is innivotive because the combination of the multiple sources of information about UK species and habitats, and the ability to interrogate, combine and analyse these date in a single location, has not been done before on this scale. It aims to facilitate learning about and understanding the UK's wildlife.

The NBN Atlas is the successor to the NBN Gateway. It has much more advanced functionality than the NBN Gateway and is more intuitive to use.

The NBN Atlas uniquely allows users to interrogate species records, habitat, climate and soil information, geographical boundaries and to use extremely powerful mapping tools through a single portal. It is also simple to interrogate your own biological records and habitat information, either in isolation or combined with additional information from the online database, as well as downloading and exporting maps and reports or summaries for your own use.


Trevor Pendleton... July 2021

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