Moth trapping results
We expanded our moth trapping locations during 2013, in order to provide greater coverage of a number of sites. We feel that we have been forced to discontinue trapping at our usual sites in the Sherwood Forest NNR area after several years, so will concentrate our efforts back at Lound Wood, Eakring, for the first time in our own Market Warsop garden and at several Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust sites.

Included in the results are details of site used and weather conditions during trapping. Most nights also include brief summaries.

Available results

  Some notable trapping records from 2014

Ancylis diminutana to MV light at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's Gamston Wood on 17/05/14

Archer's Dart 11 to MV light, Spalford Warren 08/08/14, then 19 to MV light, Spalford Warren 16/08/14.

Lead-coloured Drab A single to MVlight at Bevercotes Pit Wood on 05/04/14.