Six pages currently available including a number of specific pages featuring Greenbottles, Mosquitos, Volucella Hoverflies and more. A range of pdf files include the known records of Diptera recorded from Sherwood Forest.
Species accounts/guides
Bibionidae - the St Mark's Flies of Nottinghamshire The modern and historical records these distinctive flies
The Greenbottle Flies of Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire's six Lucilia species and their county records
The Mosquitoes (Culicidae) of Nottinghamshire A review of Nottinghamshire species and records
Gymnocheta viridis - an early Spring Tachinid A distinctive Tachinid Fly to look for in early Spring
Volucella Hoverflies in Nottinghamshire The distribution of Volucella Hoverflies in Nottinghamshire
Ctenophora, Tanyptera and Dictenidia Craneflies The Ctenophora, Tanyptera and Dictenidia Craneflies of Nottinghamshire
Syrphidae - Hoverflies at Eakring Hoverflies and the Eakring area's current species list
Conopidae - Thick Headed Flies Photographic guide to this unusual group of flies
pdf publications
Sherwood Forest Diptera 2014
Sherwood Forest Diptera 2013
Sherwood Forest Diptera 2012
Sherwood Forest Diptera 2011