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White-letter Hairstreak Satyrium w-album (Knoch, 1782) 
Status .....The number of modern White-letter Hairstreak records, have showed considerable annual variation. Like most other butterflies, it has had a succession of peaks and troughs since the mid-1990's, but is perhaps better recorded now than it has ever been. It is widespread, but rather thinly scattered across Nottinghamshire, but there are large areas of the county producing no recent records. In north Nottinghamshire, it is well recorded from the Ranskill/Barnby Moor and Dyscarr Wood areas. Further south, there are numerous records from Duke's Wood, the Calverton/Lambley area and from Colwick CP and Cotgrave Forest. It appears to be absent from much of the Mansfield area and north of the Trent Valley at Sutton-on-Trent, to areas north and east of Retford, including the Idle Valley up as far as Misson.
Adult reared ex-Wellow Park larva, photographed June 2015
Photographed at Lound Wood July 2006
Early stages                            
Ovae/eggs on Wych Elm Ulmus glabra. Photographed at Wellow Park December 2021.
Half grown larva on Wych Elm Ulmus glabra. Photographed at Wellow Park May 2015.
Full grown larvae on Wych Elm Ulmus glabra. Photographed at Wellow Park May 2015.
Nottinghamshire (VC56) distribution of White-letter Hairstreak
The records for the Nottinghamshire distribution map are currently provided by the following contributors - Richard Rogers. Trevor and Dilys Pendleton. Pauline Bradford. Stuart Warrington. The National Trust (Clumber Park invertebrate records). Phil Lee. NBGRC. Peter Acton. Graham Birkett. Brian Wetton. Nick and Samantha Brownley.

You can contribute your own records to help us gain an accurate status of this species in Nottinghamshire. Send an Excel spreadsheet of your records via the 'contact us' link at the top of the homepage.

Updated January 2024

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