Light-trapping details and summaries
Idle Valley NR results January-May 2021
Following the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic early in 2020 and the subsequent restrictions of public movement imposed by the government, moth trapping away from the safety of home and avoiding contact with others was recommended policy. Indeed, although most sites are, or were (depending when you read this) still open to the public, the trapping of moths was temporarily suspended by site owners and managers.

The Idle Valley NR was one such site and so members of the Lound Moth Group are, within the foreseeable future, recording from their back gardens in Worksop and Retford, until restrictions on movement are relaxed and trapping at the Idle Valley NR is once again possible.
All light-trapping carried out with 2x 125W Robinson MV lights and/or a single 6W Heath Actinic trap
Species listed in dark grey refer to migrants


Moth trapping results 2021