Eakring Bird news
February 2009
Featuring news and sightings from Eakring
February 1st
Just one female Goosander at Eakring Flash this morning, which flew in from the west at 10:00h. A skien of approximately 168 Pink-footed Geese flew west at 08:44h, but otherwise the area was quiet today.
February 7th
Very little moving through despite the very cold temperatures and lying snow, with only a few Sky Lark and 11 Lapwing noted moving west. Four Teal were on The Beck at Eakring Flash and a Common Buzzard was in the Leyfields/Lound Wood area.
February 8th
An adult male Peregrine spent over an hour in the area this morning and taking a Wood Pigeon in the process, before landing on a pylon in the Eakring Flash/ Leyfields area. Still no visible sign of any cold weather movements, but a Sky Lark flock present in the Church Hill area, totalled a minimum of 250 birds and was easily the largest single count ever here.
February 12th
Very quiet around the area this morning. 11 Teal were at Penny Pasture Common, with two Common Buzzards in fields feeding on a male Pheasant near Parkhill Plantation, which they had presumably killed earlier. Single Common Buzzards were also at Lound Wood and in the Red Hill area.

There were some limited signs of visible migration today, with occasional finches, two Yellowhammer and two Collared Dove moving through.

Both Common Gulls and Black-headed Gulls were also moving, but in various directions, whilst there were only a handful of larger gulls noted.

February 14th
65 Lapwing were near Eakring Flash briefly this morning and still good numbers of Sky Lark nearby, with 138 in fields at Leyfields. Two Water Rail were calling occasionally at Eakring Flash.
February 15th
Very quiet again throughout the area. Common Snipe included four at Eakring Flash and just five at Eakring Meadows, where there was no sign of any Jack Snipe today. A surprise was the group of 21 Brambling which flew high north over Hare Hill Wood, but otherwise there was very little movement detectable.

Good numbers of Black-headed Gulls were present at Eakring Flash on and off throughout the morning, with a minimum of 130 birds, which is surprising when no gulls have ever lingered at Eakring Flash in over ten years until recently.

February 21st
A single Long-eared Owl was present in the usual roost site near Kersall this morning. Nearby, 300 Lapwing were in fields adjacent to Penny Pasture Common, with four Common Snipe and ten Teal there ( per Robin Brace and Tony Wardell ) The first Coot of the year arrived back at Eakring Flash today, slightly later than in previous years.
February 26th
Very quiet this morning. A single Jack Snipe was with five Common Snipe at Penny Pasture Common. An unusual gathering of 21 Mute Swan were in fields near Eakring Flash, with a further two birds on Eakring Flash, also three Coot now on site, with another at Penny Pasture Common.
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