Budby/Gleadthorpe Centred at SK604704
Situation Found near Budby pumping station on Netherfield Lane, approximately 0.5km east of Gleadthorpe, between the villages of Meden Vale and Budby.

Parking and access There is adequate car parking along the pumping station access road, off Netherfield Lane. Park sensibly on the grass verges or park at the top of the access road, past the pumping station and then walk back to view. I usually park on the bridge and scan from there. The fields around the whole of this site are private.

Description and habitat A recently created area of water, formed when the River Meden (marked in the photo by the curved lines of vegetation) flooded during June and July 2007. Having the river flowing through the site, means that some of the surface area should remain ice free during periods of even very cold weather.

The area to the east of the river bridge is lightly wooded, with large stands of Nettle and other rank vegetation. Access to the river on this side further down Netherfield Lane is very limited and it is again probably best viewed from the bridge.

Wildlife The site at one time was been watched very little and it was'nt until around mid-November, that we started to check the site whenever passing by.

Summary This type of site will rarely warrant hours of observation and can be quickly scanned even on a brief of visit, but it is one of those sites that will eventually attract something rare and regular visits should pay off.

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