Eakring Bird news
November 2007
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November 1st
Three skeins of Pink-footed Geese (355 birds in total) flew east over the area this morning, with nine over very high at 08:20h, 27 low at 08:45h before two skiens totalling approximately 318 birds very high at 08:57. Otherwise it was very quiet, with only Starlings moving through in any real numbers with 312 west. Chaffinches are still moving through, with as many moving south and south-east as were moving west of a total of 28.
November 2nd
An evening visit produced at least three Water Rail calling from different areas of Eakring Flash, with 17 Pied Wagtail coming into a small roost there. A Noctule Bat showed very well hunting over the water.
November 10th
A surprising morning, despite the rather windy conditions. A Woodcock was at Eakring Flash, flushed from rough vegetation along the footpath which runs alongside the old hedge. A few minutes later, an adult Kittiwake (the 3rd area record) flew fairly low over Eakring Flash, gradually gained height and continued north-east at 08:45h. Also in the area this morning was the immature Peregrine, which showed well over Lound Wood, before drifting off east.
November 11th
Still windy this morning and feeling much colder than yesterday. The change to colder conditions with northerly winds, produced an influx of 31 Herring and six Great Black-backed Gulls south-west. In addition to those noted moving through, there were another 18 Herring Gull in various fields around the Leyfields and Church Hill areas this morning. The most unusual record today, was a single Pink-footed Goose which flew in from the west and joined one group of gulls in fields, till flushed by one of two Common Buzzards in the area.
November 15th
Some Starling passage this morning, although the best movement of the Autumn seemed to occur yesterday when a visit to Eakring wasn't possible. A total of 543 west throughout the morning, consisted of numerous small groups and did represent the best Autumn count here this year.

Highlights today were a small skien of 16 Pink-footed Geese low over Eakring Field Farm going west and two Jack Snipe at Penny Pasture Common, with just three Common Snipe. A single Brambling flew south-west over Eakring Flash.

62 Golden Plover were also in the area briefly.

November 16th
A Water Rail was calling from The Beck at the southern end of Eakring Flash this morning. Another quiet day, but good numbers of Common Gull at Eakring Flash with 49 present with a few Black-headed Gull.
November 17th
62 Common Gull at Eakring Flash this morning.
November 21st
The immature Peregrine was present over Lound Wood mid-morning, before moving over Red Hill and lost to view.

The area was again quiet but 13 Great Black-backed Gull through south-west were notable. The fields around Eakring Flash attracted a mixed flock of 24 Common and 38 Black-headed Gulls, which eventually alighted on Eakring Flash, making it by far the largest number of gulls on the water at any time over the last ten years.

62 Starling flew west today and 17 Linnets were around Eakring Flash briefly. Few Fieldfare and Redwing found in the area over recent days. It seems that the previous good numbers of Fieldfare have now left the area since mid-November.

November 22nd
At least two Water Rail were calling at Eakring Flash this morning, with 11 Lesser Redpoll there and a female Goosander over south-west. Still some signs of migration, with 47 Redwing and 62 Fieldfare north-west, with 82 Starling west. Only small numbers of most finches were noted. At Church Hill, there were good numbers of Common Gulls again, with 45 there plus another 17 noted moving through south-west.
November 23rd
Still over 40 Common Gull around the area this morning, but otherwise little else.
November 24th
Once again there was a higher than normal Common Gull count, with a minimum of 39 in the Eakring Flash area this morning. Another very quiet morning generally, although some light Fieldfare passage continues with 32 through north-west.

Five Teal were at Eakring Flash, with another ten on the pool at Penny Pasture Common, which were newly arrived into the area. Also, a slight increase in Common Snipe there with six birds present, although there was no sign of any Jack Snipe today.

November 25th
A big influx of the larger gulls this morning, plus a very high area count of 75 Common Gull in the Leyfields/Eakring Flash and Church Hill areas. South-westerly moving birds included 166 Herring Gull (including several argentatus individuals) and 50 Great Black-backed Gull.
November 27th
The immature Peregrine showed well late morning at Eakring Flash, making several swoops to try and take one of the four Teal present, before flying off towards Eakring village. Later viewing of the distant photographs taken, showed that the bird is rung on it's right leg, probably with a metal BTO ring.
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November 29th
Very quiet this morning. At Penny Pasture Common still at least one Jack Snipe and nine Common Snipe seen during a brief search.
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