Eakring Bird news
December 2007
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December 1st
Very quiet this morning. Approximately 332 Fieldfare were at Tug Bridge Farm and 18 Common Gull were in fields at Eakring Flash.
December 6th
Good numbers of Fieldfare at two sites in the area this morning, with 310 in fields at Church Hill and 76 at Lound Wood. 37 Common Gull were in Eakring Flash mid-morning, with 11 Herring Gull, 12 Lesser Black-backed Gull and small numbers of Black-headed Gull at Church Hill.
December 8th
Huge numbers of Wood Pigeon around the area early morning, with a minimum of 7 000 seen leaving several roost sites. The largest roost was at Hare Hill Wood, which held a conservatively estimated 5 000 Wood Pigeon. Another high count today involved Common Gull. A count of 122 was a new site record and one flock of 67 birds, came from Eakring Flash alone. At Eakring Flash, a Water Rail was calling constantly for 15 minutes early morning from The Beck.
December 11th
Two drake Goosander were at Eakring Flash late afternoon/early evening and at least one Water Rail was still calling from The Beck.
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December 13th
An excellent morning, starting with a skien of approximately 98 Pink-footed Geese flying west over Eakring village at 08:55h, quickly followed a few minutes later by a drake Goosander which flew over the now completely frozen Eakring Flash, before heading back west. Still one Water Rail calling from The Beck at the side of Eakring Flash, where the immature Peregrine showed superbly well as it attacked a female Teal, forcing it to hit the ice and dive straight into thick cover. Nearby, 38 Common Gull were roaming the adjacent fields and ten more also flew west. Some signs of birds moving away from frozen areas in the east, with a flock of 76 Lapwing through high west. 33 Sky Lark also in the Eakring Flash area this morning.
December 15th
A quiet morning. Around 1000 Wood Pigeon at Eakring Flash included a white bird. Six Siskin were in Eakring village, with a Lesser Redpoll over and small numbers of gulls were around Eakring Flash and Church Hill. 44 Lapwing flew west.
December 16th
31 Common Gull were at Eakring Flash this morning. Large gulls going through included 28 Herring and eight Great Black-backed Gulls. The immature Peregrine was hunting briefly in the Leyfields area. A total of 92 Lapwing flew west this morning.
December 21st
A Jack Snipe was flushed from around the bridge at the northern end of Eakring Flash this afternoon, but flew off strongly to the north-west. 17 Common Gull also in the Eakring Flash area.
December 22nd
A thorough search of several sites in the area revealed very little of note this morning. One Jack Snipe was at Penny Pasture Common, with 11 Snipe scattered elsewhere around Eakring Meadows. 28 Common Gull were on Eakring Flash early morning.
December 25th
The immature Peregrine flew east over Eakring Flash early afternoon. Small numbers of the larger gulls went over and four Cormorant represented an unusual site count.
December 26th
A drake Goosander was on Eakring Flash till 09:45h, when it flew off north-west. Shortly afterwards, 108 Teal flew in high from the north-west. Around 30 landed on Eakring Flash, but the rest continued south-east. These birds were probably disturbed from other local waters, but 108 Teal represents the highest count here for many years.

One Water Rail still at Eakring Flash again today, calling briefly from the southern-end and gulls going through included 55 Herring Gull and 22 Great Black-backed Gull, with much smaller numbers of Common Gull south-west.

A single Siskin flew south.

December 27th
The drake Goosander was again at Eakring Flash early morning, but flew off south-west today. Single Common Buzzards were over both Lound Wood and Hare Hill Wood, whilst 14 Teal were at Penny Pasture Common.
December 30th
A count of 39 Great Black-backed Gulls over Eakring Flash this afternoon was notable.
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