Eakring Bird news
June 2007
Featuring news and sightings from Eakring
June 1st
Some evening highlights included a hunting Barn Owl at one site in the area and both Little Owl and Common Buzzard perched on telegraph poles in the Red Hill area at dusk.
June 7th
An Oystercatcher was heard twice flying over the area during a moth trapping session at Lound Wood. It is possible that this may be one of a pair breeding at some other location outside the recording area.
June 8th
Two Reed Warblers still singing at Eakring Flash this evening, with the Barn Owl showing well elsewhere in the area.
June 9th
Two Grasshopper Warblers reeling very briefly at Eakring Flash this evening.
June 10th
Typically quiet for the time of year, but two Reed Warblers were singing occasionally today at Eakring Flash, with two Common Buzzards over Lound Wood at mid-day.
June 14th
Two Reed Warblers were singing quite well at Eakring Flash this morning despite the wet conditions, with one of the Grasshopper Warblers singing only very briefly. Some late news concerned a Hobby carrying food over Eakring at 17:00h (per Neville Davey)
June 18th
One Grasshopper Warbler still singing at the southern-end of Eakring Flash this evening, with a Common Buzzard over nearby Red Hill during the evening.
June 26th
Very quiet in the area this morning. At a flooded Eakring Flash, there was a single Common Buzzard in the area and one Reed Warbler singing.
June 28th
Still quiet, but a male Grasshopper Warbler was singing in the Eakring Flash area early morning. Nearby, a Common Buzzard again around Lound Wood.
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