BBC TV visit Sherwood Forest
We recently spent six hours filming a short feature about Glow Worms with presenter Mike Dilger for BBC1's The ONE Show. By the time we all left the Clipstone Old Quarter site, it was nearly 2am, but the whole event was an extremely enjoyable one to take part in and provided a real insight into television production.

Filming Glow Worms, and especially to try and capture the real beauty of their light for TV, proved to be difficult, but ultimately proved to be successful. One of the cameras used was a Starlight camera, which was a remarkable piece of equipment and which was employed after dark, to record one glowing female in particular. Below are a few shots from the evening and the item should be featured in the next week or so.

Perfect weather conditions at Clipstone Old Quarter, Sherwood Forest.
Presenter Mike Dilger and sound recordist Gary Moore prepare for the evening's filming.    
Myself and Gary discussing sound recording prior to filming    
Mike preparing for the introduction to the item.    
Production Management Assitant Nikke Prince watches filming.
Director Sally Cryer, Cameraman Sean O'Driscoll, Gary and Mike prepare for shoot.    
Dilys and myself would especially like to thank the whole of the production team, who made us feel extremely welcome during the initial site visit during the afternoon and throughout the whole evening's filming.