Holborn Hill and Hanger Hill Plantations Centred at SK600698
Situation Holborn Hill Plantation is located just east of Gleadthorpe village at approx SK 600 698. Hanger Hill Plantation is found nearby, at SK602686.

Parking and access Take the minor road from Church Warsop, through the villages of Meden Vale and Gleadthorpe. There is limited roadside parking, located at SK 604 705 by the large cream coloured gates.

From here walk along the tarmac path over the River Meden into the wood. At the start of the wood follow the obvious grass ride on the right and the Beech woodland of Holborn Hill Plantation is on the immediate right. Hanger Hill Plantation can be reached by following the public footpath along the western-edge of the woodland.

Description and habitat Two large areas of mature Beech woodland, surrounded by typical Pine plantation east of the site and arable farmland to the west. The understorey is thin, composed of areas of short grass and bramble.


Wildlife From experience, the Beech woodland habitat found at both sites is rare in Nottinghamshire.

We first found this area at the beginning of 2006 whilst searching for Psychidae larvae and regular visits over the course of the year saw quite a diverse range of other invertebrates recorded.

Moths Holborn Hill and Hanger Hill Plantations are important sites for Nottinghamshire Psychidae, holding varying populations of five species. Larval cases of Taleporia tubulosa are more abundant here than we have found anywhere in the county and good numbers of Diplodoma laichartingella also occur, but these are more difficult to find.

It is one of few sites currently in the county where Dahlica lichenella can be found. Moth trapping sessions with an MV light here could well provide records of some scarce species, restricted in the county through lack of Beech woodland habitat.



Butterflies Resident species such as Speckled Wood, Brimstone and all the whites are common. Woodland rides here are favoured sites for migrant Red Admirals from late Summer onwards.

Other flora and fauna The Orange Ladybird is found in good numbers here and an extremely attractive fungi, the Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethysta) was still to be found in early December 2006.

Summary Holborn Hill and Hanger Hill Plantations are worth a visit at any time, but Spring is probably one of the best seasons to see this habitat at it's best. Both are beautiful sites to visit and spend some time just wandering around.

Like many sites in the Sherwood Forest area, there are occasional problems with off-road motorbikes along some of the footpaths. Naturalists with more specialised interests should be able to find something to interest them here.

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