Brassica Shieldbug Eurydema oleracea (Linnaeus, 1758)  
This attractive Shieldbug had been spreading steadily north from southern counties of the UK and eventually reached Nottinghamshire in May 2019, when found at Colwick Racecourse and Colwick CP (Matthews, D.), with a further record from Toton in late June (Lygo, B.). The northerly range expansion seems to have increased in 2019, as there were further records from Kirkby Moor in Lincolnshire (Gray, M.) and one from just over the Nottinghamshire border in South Yorkshire (Batty, S.) at the same time as the Colwick record.

Adults come in several colour forms, where the white markings can be either red or yellow. Found on Brassicas such as Garlic Mustard and Horse Radish. Recorded from Center Parcs (Hill, M.) and Sherwood Forest CP in May 2020 and evidence of a huge increase in numbers, with 40 counted at a side near Clumber Park in May 2021.
Nottinghamshire (VC56) distribution of Brassica Bug 
The records for the Nottinghamshire distribution map are currently provided by the following contributors -  Darren Matthews. Barry Lygo. Mike Hill. Adrian Dutton. Trevor and Dilys Pendleton. Netherfield Wildlife Group. Mike Hill. David Shaw.

You can contribute your own records to help us gain an accurate status of this species in Nottinghamshire. Send an Excel spreadsheet of your records via the 'contact us' link at the top of the homepage.

Updated January 2021

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