Access to a range of pages featuring the county's Hymenoptera. There are photographic guides to the bumblebees and wasps and a well recieved photographic identification guide to Nottinghamshire's social wasps. There are species accounts detailing the return of Lasius fuliginosus to Nottinghamshire after 110 years absence and the arrival of the Ivy Bee in 2017.
Species accounts/guides
Bumblebees   Nottinghamshire's Bumblebees
The Ivy Bee (Colletes hederae) in Nottinghamshire   The arrival of this colourful solitary bee in Nottinghamshire
Wasps   Nottinghamshire's Wasps
Identification of Nottinghamshire's Social Wasps   Photographic guide to Nottinghamshire's Social Wasps
Wasp nest construction 2011   Daily photographic diary of a Saxon Wasp's nest building
The Hornet in Nottinghamshire   The UK's largest wasp and its Nottinghamshire distribution
The Ants of Nottinghamshire   Nottinghamshire species and distribution
The return of Lasius fuliginosus to Nottinghamshire   The rediscovery of the Jet-black Ant in Nottinghamshire
The Wood Ant in Nottinghamshire   The range and occurrence of Nottinghamshire's largest Ant
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Sherwood Forest Hymenoptera 2012