Eakring Birds
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Breeding birds 2008 Summary of the 2008 breeding bird survey
Breeding birds 2002 A look at selected breeding species' during 2002
Breeding birds 2001 Summary of the 2001 breeding bird survey
Breeding birds 2000 Summary of the 2000 breeding bird survey
Breeding birds 1999 Summary of the 1999 breeding bird survey
Breeding birds 1998 Summary of the 1998 breeding bird survey
Wildfowl counts The changes in status of the wildfowl at Eakring Flash
Farmland birds The present status of the area's farmland birds from 1998-2002
Farmland birds 1998-2001 Summaries of the seven most affected farmland species from 1998-2001
Breeding species maps
Breeding species maps index Maps of selected breeding species from 1998-2007
Single species' surveys and status updates
Corn Bunting at Eakring 1998-2007 Corn Bunting records at Eakring 1998-2007
Cuckoo at Eakring 1998-2007 A ten year history of the decline of the Cuckoo at Eakring and Kersall
Grey Partridge numbers 1998-2003 A look at how breeding Grey Partridges increased during 2003
House Sparrow at Eakring 1998-2007 The current status of the House Sparrow at Eakring
Lapwing at Eakring 1998-2007 Variation in breeding numbers of Lapwing at Eakring
Sky Lark numbers 1998-2005 Another farmland species increasing in the area during 2005
Song Thrush increase in 2005 The continued spread of the Song Thrush through the area
Tree Sparrow increase in 2003 Recent increase in Tree Sparrow numbers
Turtle Dove at Eakring 1998-2007 The changing status of this migrant at Eakring