Eakring Bird news
November 2004
Featuring news and sightings from Eakring
November 4th
Three Common Buzzards were in the Red Hill area this morning. Over 140 Fieldfare were around Eakring Flash, where the only duck present was a single Teal. Very few Blackbirds noted in the area today, with most appearing to have moved on, following the large influx at the end of October.
November 9th
Very little around this morning. Three Teal were at Eakring Flash and 107 Starling west were the only birds recorded moving through today. Flocks of Fieldfare were around the Red Hill and Eakring Flash areas, with numbers of Blackbirds and five Bullfinches at the former mentioned site.
November 10th
Four Common Buzzards in the area today, with three regular birds at Red Hill and another at Hare Hill Wood near Kersall. An adult Peregrine was hunting over Penny Pasture Common, Eakring Meadows, with ten Teal on the small pool there and another three at Eakring Flash. Fieldfare this morning included 70 at Red Hill, 150 at Eakring Flash and 30 at Kersall. Much smaller numbers of Redwing, were also present at each site. 32 Pink-footed Geese flew north-east over Red Hill in the rain at 9:45am.
November 12th
The only sighting of note on a very quiet morning, was a flock of 200+ Fieldfare in the Red Hill area.
November 13th
A Goshawk was present in the Penny Pasture Common area on this date. It was seen well by an experienced observer. This is the third record of Goshawk in the area, following single birds at Lound Wood on December 26th 1998 and March 24th 2001 (per D Burrows) A Common Buzzard was in the Eakring Flash area and 46 Golden Plover flew west.

Generally very quiet again this morning, but skiens of Pink-footed Geese did pass through south-east at 09:40am. Three skiens totalled 123 birds.

November 14th
328 Pink-footed Geese flew east over Eakring Flash between 09:10 and 09:17am. At Eakring Flash the first Water Rail of the Winter have returned, seemingly overnight after regular searches since early October failed to produce any sightings or calls. The two birds present, were together along the western-side of the flash and in the Bulrush beds adjacent to the inflow pipe.

The only migrants on the move today were 389 Starling west. 31 Herring Gull moved south-west with similar numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and at least two Great Black-backed Gulls. The Common Buzzard was again in the Eakring Flash/Lound Wood area first thing.

November 20th
Highlights this morning were from Eakring Meadows, where there were two Jack Snipe and nine Common Snipe, with a migrant Woodcock there today. Woodcock at this time of the year are very uncommon, totalling only a handful of birds since 1998. Good numbers recently arrived along the UK's East Coast. Another Common Snipe was also present at nearby Penny Pasture Common and there was Herring Gull passage noted this morning, with c50 birds moving west.

In the Eakring Flash/Lound Wood area, a single Peregrine was present with a Common Buzzard. Both these are long-staying birds. Nine Golden Plover also over there (per Robin Brace and Tony Wardell)

November 27th
Very quiet today. A single Teal was at Eakring Flash (virtually abandoned by birds now due to regular shooting) but 31 were at Penny Pasture Common, where a mixed finch, bunting and flock were in the adjacent stubble field. The flock consisted of 80+ Yellowhammer, 13 Linnet and 38 Skylark, with small numbers of both House and Tree Sparrow, including five of the latter, that first appeared high over the site. 122 Fieldfare appeared to be commuting between Eakring Meadows and fields along the Knessall road.
November 28th
The only sighting of note on a poor morning was 173 Golden Plover, mobile around fields at Church Hill. The area seems to be holding several decent flocks of Skylark. 20 at Red Hill, 25 in fields at Church Hill and 38 again near Penny Pasture Common, were found this morning. No doubt there are other numbers in the area at other sites, but the combined total is good for this time of the year.
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