Eakring Bird news
May 2004
Featuring news and sightings from Eakring
May 1st
A female Redstart was along a hedgerow between the High Trees and Church Hill areas this morning, originally located by call, it proved elusive at first but eventually showed well after a while.

Elsewhere in Eakring village today, were a pair of Turtle Doves, back at the only reliable breeding site for the species in the recording area.

May 2nd
Two Hobby were over Eakring Flash late morning, with a Turtle Dove north through there. Blackcaps and Whitethroats continue to arrive in the area.

Some late evening news, when a Whimbrel flew east over Hare Hill Wood during a moth-trapping session at 22:45pm.

May 3rd
The only bird of note this morning was a Fieldfare flying north over Eakring Flash.
May 5th
Most unusual record of the morning were the ten Goosander which flew north-east over Eakring Flash. Not only is this the first May record, but it is also the largest single Goosander count here.

Migrant Turtle Doves today included three single birds moving north (two) and north-west. There is just one male currently holding territory in Eakring village. Warblers continue to arrive and there were three new Sedge Warbler in today, at both Eakring Flash and Eakring Meadows, with good numbers of Whitethroats at most visited sites and a single Garden Warbler at Eakring Meadows.

May 7th
Generally very quiet once again, but there was a variety of new warblers around the area this morning, including the first Garden Warbler (possibly two males) recorded from Lound Wood. Grasshopper Warblers continue to be present at Eakring Flash, but are now increasingly elusive and singing very rarely. It's likely that the second male which arrived back in April, has now paired up with a female.
May 8th
A single Hobby was at Eakring Flash briefly, before flying off low east..
May 13th
Fairly quiet again, but some distinct hirundine passage early morning, mostly Swallows and a few House Martins. A Kingfisher was at Eakring Flash briefly.
May 15th
Swallows are continuing to move through the area, with 33 north-west this morning. A single Sand Martin went north-west along with five House Martins.

Other migrants included the first Spotted Flycatcher of the year at Eakring Flash (before flying off north) and two Turtle Dove also north.

Two Shelduck were on Eakring Flash, but four have been frequenting the Tug Bridge Farm area for the past few days.

A Hobby flew over Eakring Flash and a Jay was over there early morning.

May 16th
Much quieter this morning with only a trickle of hirundines and Swifts moving north-west. However, there was another samll arrival of warblers, among which were two Lesser Whitethroats and a single Garden Warbler. Both these two species are having their best year in terms of actual records. Two Common Buzzards were high over Red Hill.

The second Cuckoo of the Spring was heard calling in the Eakring Flash area mid-morning. At least two (possibly three) Turtle Doves were in Eakring village this morning (per Robin Brace and Tony Wardell.

May 20th
Garden Warblers continue to arrive in much higher numbers than usual, with new birds singing briefly at Eakring Flash and Red Hill today. A Blackcap at the former site, was also an indication that birds are still arriving. The Cuckoo was again singing in the Eakring Flash/pastures area.
May 26th
The area is currently very quiet, but Woodcocks were again roding over both Lound and Hare Hill Woods this evening.
May 30th
A Common Buzzard was at Penny Pasture Common early afternoon, with moderate numbers of Swift (60+) moving north, avoiding building thunderstorms.
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