Eakring Bird news
January 2004
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January 2nd
A generally quiet start to 2004, although a Peregrine was unsuccessfully hunting both Wood Pigeon and Teal around Eakring Flash. 132 Pink-footed Geese flew west over the area in two skiens at 10:25 (112 birds) and 10:30am (20 birds)

Along the Kneesall road, the set-aside field next to the ruined pump-house, saw increased numbers of Chaffinches and a single Brambling. 40 Golden Plover were at several sites this morning and 50+ Skylarks were in a stubble field at Eakring Field Farm.

January 10th
Good numbers of Fieldfare were at many sites in the area this morning. The highest single count was of 425 at Tug Bridge Farm. Other notable groups included 90 at Eakring Field Farm and 57 at Kersall. With smaller numbers at many other sites today, at least 600 birds were in the area. Redwing were around, but in much smaller numbers. A group of approximately 40, were in fields near Kersall Pond. Eakring Flash held 21 Gadwall and 26 Teal and a single Brambling was in the Eakring Meadows area.
January 11th
Still well in excess of 400 Fieldfare in fields at Tug Bridge Farm. Nearby the Brambling was again with a small finch flock - in set-aside adjacent to the ruined building, situated along the Kneesall Road. This field is strictly private. Nearby, a Little Owl continues a long residence (since 1998 at least) in it's favoured tree.

A Shelduck arrived at Eakring Flash mid-morning, but aside from a good site count of 77 Great Black-backed Gull and a Common Buzzard around Red Hill - the area remains very quiet.

January 15th
Very quiet once again. A Common Buzzard was over Lound Wood for most of the morning and 25 Gadwall were on Eakring Flash.
January 22nd
A Water Rail was along the eastern-side of Eakring Flash this morning, with two Shelduck, 21 Gadwall and 22 Teal there.
January 23rd
11 Snipe were at Eakring Meadows, with a Common Buzzard over nearby Hare Hill Wood at midday and a Peregrine hunting Wood Pigeon around the same area, then later over Parkhill Plantation.
January 24th
Five Common Buzzards were over the Red Hill/Eakring Flash area mid-morning, with a Water Rail calling from the southern-end briefly. Good numbers of Redwing were in the same general area, with an estimated 100+ birds in total.
January 25th
Still at least one Water Rail at Eakring Flash, again calling from the southern-end. Three Coot there, were the first returning birds of the year.
January 29th
A female Peregrine was hunting Wood Pigeon in the Eakring Flash/Leyfields area this morning, with 67 Golden Plover nearby and smaller numbers of Lapwing. A Common Buzzard was over Parkhill Plantation. Redpolls in the area this morning included two at Eakring Flash and a single at Eakring Meadows.
January 30th
99 Golden Plover in the Church Hill area this morning, with 120 Lapwing nearby. A good selection of finches and buntings are still in the set-aside field along the Kneesall Road.
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