Invertebrate surveys
.............................for..coleoptera, lepidoptera, diptera, arachnida, hemiptera and orthoptera

Invertebrate surveys are now beginning to play an important part towards obtaining successful planning applications, or alternatively, they can help to protect sensitive sites or areas of land from potential development.

Planning departments now often place a greater emphasis on the invertebrate diversity of a site and successful planning applications now often include an invertebrate site survey prior to a successful application being submitted.

If you are looking for specific invertebrate surveys, then TDP Invertebrate Surveyors and Consultants Ltd have the answer.

We are able to offer a range of different invertebrate surveys for all types of habitats.

Typical surveys we provide include.....

  • Complete invertebrate group site surveys

  • Specifically targeted species' searches/surveys

  • Single one off sample site surveys

  • Annual selective species/site surveys

A written report, taking in any specific customer requirements will be made available as both a paper document and a pdf. file, on completion of any survey work we undertake.


Some of our most recent work has included unique tree top surveys for the RDB1 Hazel Pot Beetle at Sherwood Forest, working in conjunction with a local arboricultural contractor and invertebrate assemblage work on behalf of Natural England.

For further details and general enquiries.
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