Invertebrate and habitat consultancy
.............................advice on habitat management with an emphasis on invertebrates

TDP Invertebrate Surveyors and Consultants Ltd, can provide a professional invertebrate consultancy service to farmers, land owners, schools, conservation groups and organisations.

We have experience at providing a specialist advice service for helping create and maintain suitable invertebrate habitat.

In recent years we have worked with the staff at Sherwood Forest to help create additional habitat for the endangered Hazel Pot Beetle.

This vital work undertaken in Autumn 2010, involved selecting trees to be removed during thinning work, whilst maintaining the suitable warm microclimate the Hazel Pot Beetle requires.

If your project is on a much smaller scale, perhaps just a small wildlife garden for the children at home or at school, we can help you plan your design from start to finish and provide further support and advice when it comes to those all too tricky identifications.

Whatever your requirements, you can be assured of a friendly, professional consultancy service.

For further details and general enquiries
email: TDP Invertebrate Surveyors and Consultants Ltd