Philoscia affinis (Verhoeff, 1908)  
Only known from an area of (mostly Poplar) woodland at Meden Vale, where it was found on two occassions in 2020 and from the Sherwood Forest CP, where it was finally found in a leaf litter sample in early 2023 (Pendleton, T.A.) after several years of searching.

There is likely confusion with Philoscia muscorum (Scopoli, 1833), which is extremely similar in general appearance to Philoscia affinis. The similar pigmentation of the head and body is a good indication towards suspecting any likely P. affinis from P. muscorum, but reliable identification ideally requires microscopic examination of a male specimen.
Nottinghamshire (VC56) distribution of Philoscia affinis 
The records for the Nottinghamshire distribution map are currently provided by the following contributors -  Trevor and Dilys Pendleton.

You can contribute your own records to help us gain an accurate status of this species in Nottinghamshire. Send an Excel spreadsheet of your records via the 'contact us' link at the top of the homepage.

Updated March 2023

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