Red-legged Shieldbug Pentatoma rufipes (Linnaeus, 1758)
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A common group of insects are Shieldbugs, named after their heraldic shield-like shape and belonging to the order Hemiptera. They frequent most types of vegetation and although most feed on their foliage and berries etc, some species are carnivorous. Shieldbugs go through several stages of growth called nymphs, which are as frequently found as the adults and a few species exhibit brood care. Shieldbugs are also fairly regular visitors to MV moth traps. The Red-legged Shieldbug (formerly Forest Bug) is one such species and we regularly record it during moth-trapping sessions at Eakring and at Sherwood Forest CP. Adults can be found on low-growing plants along woodland rides during the day.
Nottinghamshire (VC56) distribution of Pentatoma rufipes
The records for the Nottinghamshire distribution map are currently provided by the following contributors - Richard Rogers. Trevor and Dilys Pendleton. Pauline Bradford. Netherfield Wildlife Group. Wil Heeney. K N A Alexander (Invertebrate assemblage condition at Birklands and Bilhaugh SSSI and Birklands West and Ollerton Corner SSSI survey reports 2009-10). Andy Godfrey (2006 Sherwood Heath SSSI invertebrate survey). Tim Sexton. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. Darren Matthews. Sean Tobin. Stuart Warrington. The National Trust (Clumber Park invertebrate records). Sherwood Forest Invertebrate Directory 2014. Sorby Natural History Society. NBGRC. Meg Skinner. Paul and Helen Brock. John and Denise Bingham. Jim Flanagan. David Shaw. Tom Shields. Brian Wetton. Nick and Samantha Brownley.

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Updated January 2024

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